What our patients are saying...


The staff is friendly and courteous. My questions were addressed and answered and I was always greeted with a smile.


I was always greeted with warmth and a smile from Tina, as soon as the door opened I felt welcomed.  I am now able to walk on my own without a walker giving me back my dignity.


I contacted them and was seen that day.  My daily quality of life and functioning has greatly improved as I am able to use the lessons taught by my physical therapist.


My P.T. listens to his patients. He has an acute sense of dedication and caring and a passion to help his patients get better through therapy and thorough understanding of each element involved in the rehabilitation of his patients.


My P.T. was extremely effective, patient and focused on my care and recovery. He has a total, comprehensive approach that helped me understand my condition and ways to return to health as best as I can.


With the full range of motion of my neck, I feel much safer driving and shopping is much easier. I'm not suffering with daily pain anymore. I was pleased with the one on one, full attention from the therapist, this is rare.


I came to therapy using a cane and was unstable and unsure of myself. John Paul guided me through all of my exercises until I no longer need a cane and walking felt natural again. He really individualizes your therapy and goes the extra mile.


I feel smarter about my limitations; I know my pain and what I can do to prevent any future flare ups. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Guidry which has changed my frame of mind about my condition and I feel better about myself.


The therapy was one on one and John Paul adjusted my therapy as needed allowing me to move forward with as little discomfort as possible. I am no longer considering having knee replacement surgery.