Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

In June 2016 Louisiana passed a law allowing direct access to physical therapy for 30 days before requiring a physician referral. What this means is that the next time you have an acute episode of pain or injury you can go directly to PT without needing to see your physician first. If you suspect a fracture or serious injury then it is best to head to ER or physician instead. But, if you have an acute sprain or strain, overuse injury or general aces and pains then getting directly into physical therapy may help decrease your recovery time and minimize costs.

Our PT's are trained in medical screening in order to determine if your complaints are something we can treat or need to be referred out to the proper channels. If we feel like what you are experiencing needs further investigation or is outside of our scope of treatment we will gladly refer you to the proper medical professional.

There is one caveat to this, that is that some insurances mainly Medicare and Medicare Replacement policies still require a doctors referral despite the state laws. We will be glad to get your insurance benefits and determine whether or not you covered under direct access prior to scheduling you.

So remember next time you strain your back, sprain your ankle or wake up in pain after a long day working in the yard give us a call and let us get you feeling better and back to the activities that you love sooner rather than later. 985 882 8427

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John Paul Guidry DPT CSCS TPI